Posted on: January 7, 2009 2:48 am

BCS needs to drop the C from their name.

Well as we all know by now, no matter how the BCS National Championship Game shakes out. There will be four teams that will cry foul and build an argument for their team to be crowned Champ by the AP.

The idea that there could be another shared championship in college football's highest division leaves me as puzzled as I am annoyed at the whole process. I was under the impression (as was everyone else in america) that the BCS system, that was adopted from the traditional bowls of old, was supposed to rectify this problem. The original intent in creating the Bowl Championship Series was to crown a outright champ. I can still remember all the hype around it " For the first time the #1 team and the #2 team will be matched in a bowl game to decide who wins it all.

It seems as though the system has failed, again. The past few seasons it has been a close call for the BCS system. Going into the final weeks of the regular season and on into the conference championships there has always be controversy. On several occasions we have been close to experiencing the log jam of teams that we now have in the top 10, each team deserving, each team not getting their fair shake. However in the final moments of the regular season Team A will lose to rival Team B and shatter their hopes of the title game. With the exception of the undefeated Auburn Tigers in 2004 it has worked out form the most part.

Now we find ourselves back here every December through January arguing who is the better team when the only logical thing to do is let the teams fight it out on the field. This is what sports are all about. With the exception of gymnastics, ice skating and any other sport whose winner is decided by a judge. Isn't that exactly what college football has become. A sport awarding style points rather than teamwork, is that not exactly what we do to finalize who is going to play in the Title game. So and so beat so and so who lost to so and so but only by 6 points when this team lost to that team by 12 points. Do you see how ridiculous this has become.

The fact is that the BCS along with it's affiliated conferences and subsequent schools, know that the system is broken and does not work. However they don't really care. They will tell you every year some line about "the system works" or these are the two teams that would be left after a playoff anyways". While that might be the case, I say let the two teams prove it. If the Utahs and Boise States of the world are simply far less superior than you big time program then play them in a playoff game. It should be no problem to just demoralize them and move on to you next, far more worthy opponent. Even though everyone knows that system does not and will not ever work, no one will ever be able to change it.

You see even though the excuses may pile up from the BCS faithful the fact is, it is all about the money right now. If you don't like the way a company is being run or you are unsatisfied with it's product you simply start using the product of it's competitor instead and you force them to change or go out of business. That is why the only practical solution may be (however crazy it may seem) a boycott. I know what you are thinking a boycott rarely works, I would have to agree.

Here is what I propose. Still support you team through out the regular season, cheer for them to do the best they can. When post-season rolls around don't watch any of the BCS games. Simply turn you attention to the Division 1 FCS playoff. Chances are everyone will have a team semi-close to your geographically location to root for. If there were a significant amount of people doing this every year, then the BSC would be forced to change based on the revenue that the lower divisions were now receiving.

I know what you are thinking this approach seems a little crazy and extreme but then again so is the BCS. Keep the politics out of sports. The players are not allowed to receive salaries, so why should it be fair that the schools presidents and boosters receive a kick back from the BCS. Isn't it only fair that we let these kids settle it out on the field. Then again if there were a system in place that worked we would probably have nothing to talk about. Again another reason why the BCS wont change. We give them plenty of free publicity every year.

Just a couple thoughts, and just my opinion.

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